Friday, July 03, 2009

LED TV is all the rage now

Someone suggested that i buy a DSLR and take up photography seriously. Geeee... since when do i have the time to go shoot photos. I'm only a casual shutterbug. I dont think i like the idea of lugging a big bag full of photography equipments along with me when i go out. I prefer to use a simple point and shoot camera. My favorite gadget is still my Nokia N82. It may be a phonecam, but it takes decent pics for my blogging purposes. Well, i must hook it up to my LCD TV with the supplied TV-out cable and see how those pics look like on it. Gotta dig around for the cable. I wonder if mine's a HDTV or not. Dunno, never read the specs when i bought it, lol. But the latest fad is LED TVs. Hah... iWANT!!!!

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