Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Arent these spa cloths lovely?

Do you bathe with your kids? I find that i do save more time when i bathe together with them. Gordon can bathe on his own. But i still need to take a look every now and then. If not, he'll get into mischief. You cannot let a young child bathe on his own unsupervised. The bathroom is a very dangerous place. There are just far too many things in there that can harm him. Of course, i've taught him what he can do and what he cant. But still, he's only a kid and full of curiosity.

I usually shampoo him from head to toe before letting him play for a while in the bathtub. I then let him have his toothbrush so that he can brush his teeth in the bathtub. He enjoys it that way. On the other hand, i never let Malcolm bathe on his own as i find that he's still far too small. I prefer to bathe with him. He will want to nurse for a while in the bathroom (LOL), and then ask me to place him into the water container with the tap turned on. He'll play inside and i can take my shower. Isnt that good?

I told hubby when we renovate our bathroom next time, i want one of those huge jacuzzi that can house the four of us comfortably. He laughed and said we might as well go dig a hole in the garden, lol. Anyway, i was looking for some spa cloth designs when i came across this site with some bathroom items for sale. I can easily make some for friends and family members as i can crochet and knit. But if you cannot make them on your own, you can always buy them from the site. They are lovely and makes great gifts. Looks great in the bathroom too :)

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coffeesncookies said...

good idea as a spa cloth ya ? sometimes you just crochet away and can't come up with what to do next. and since it's a kinda small piece , can use up the leftover threads too. Do you cross stitch now ? DMC floss went up again (was only 30 sen when I did my first x stitch)