Friday, June 12, 2009

I seldom wear cosmetics

I hope hubby comes down soon. I really cannot finish the mug of Passion Fruit Tea all by myself. I want to go to Canning Garden for fried rice after this. Gordon loves the fried rice there very much and he's going to smile when he comes home to his favorite fried rice. I wonder of Malcolm napped in the stroller or not. He's with hubby as i need some quiet time to blog. I've not been blogging much these days. It's still the school holidays and minding the kids takes up all of my time. By night, i'd rather lie down in bed and do nothing at all. The hot weather also makes me wants to stay home inside the air-conditioned room.

I wonder if there's cosmetics that can stay on the face without melting in this hot weather. I cannot stand wearing make-up and such as they tend to get sticky after a while. My friends all tell me i should be wearing cosmetics as it makes me look prettier and younger. Huh.... i'm not pretty meh??? I dont believe one needs to wear a lot of cosmetics to look young and pretty. I prefer the natural look with a hint of gloss on my lips and sunscreen all over my face, lol. Saves me a lot of money this way. Do you like to wear cosmetics?

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Anonymous said...

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