Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday is here

A week has almost passed. It's already Friday, and i've somehow survived it all with help from hubby. He's home for the holidays too, lol. Gordon still goes to the tutor's during holidays. Well, not for the whole day, but for about two hours or so. I dont know whether he really enjoys it or not, but according to the tutor, he's happy there. That's fine by me. As long as he learns something, that's good.

Malcolm is also growing up right before my eyes. When Gordon was around his age, Malcolm was already born. I really didnt get to enjoy Gordon when he was around two as i was pretty grouchy when i was pregnant with Malcolm. I intend to enjoy them both as much as i can every single day. I went through some of my baby announcements cards and they brought back so many happy memories when my babies were born.

In a way, i'm very thankful that i've found a way to earn a decent living by blogging. It allows me to stay home to watch my kids grow up. We may not be the super-wealthy kinda people, but we sure do get to enjoy life with our kids to the fullest. They have both parents' attention at all times. What more can we ask for. Well, of course there is. I hope my family is blessed with good health forever, and the both hubby and i will not face too much obstacles in our life.

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