Monday, April 13, 2009

Need info on sleep number bed

I actually wanted to change the bedsheets today. But right after i picked the kids up from school, Malcolm wanted to nurse as he was very sleepy. That fler woke up early this morning. In fact, both my kids just turned into early-risers, AIKSSSS!!!! Maybe it's due to the change of sleeping hours. I put them to bed at around 10pm or so these days. Anyway, the middle part of the bed is already sunken in. What to do, the kids think the bed is their trampoline. I heard of this sleep number bed from a friend and wonder if it's a good investment or not. Anyone owns a sleep number bed here?


joanne said...

Yes, we have one and we love it. I am tiny and my husband is a big guy so it's nice to be able to adjust it accordingly. It's really comfy ! Joanne

SleepNumberGirl said...

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Kristin Prahl
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