Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is old age scary?

Are you afraid of old age? I cannot say i am, nor can i say i'm not. Somehow, we just cannot run away from it. I just have to take good care of myself now so that i can fare better when i'm old. Staying healthy is important as i sure wont want to be old and sickly when the time comes. Being financially secure is also important as i do not want to depend fully on my kids to take care of me when i'm old.

One way to be financially secured during old age is to buy term life insurance when you are young. It's good to sit down with a financial planner and plan for your retirement. See how much you can get by setting aside some money each month until a particular age. This way, you can get a tidy sum to tide you through old age. Just remember this. The older you are, the higher the premium is.

I'm now living with my in-laws and i know how much they've aged over the years. Hubby's away a lot and it's my responsibility to see that they are safe at home. They may not need constant care as they are still capable of taking care of themselves. Who knows how they'll be in a couple of years? Much as i love to live on my own with just hubby and kids, i cant bear to see them live here in this house alone.

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