Thursday, April 23, 2009

The day that was

So fast, it's 3.30pm. Now, what have i done since i woke up at 10am. I gave the kids their breakfast. Then, had mine whilst they watched Gogo VCD on TV. I fiddled with my blogs as i ate and then, sent them off to school at around 12.30pm.

I then headed to Maybank to make Interbank Giro transfer. KNN, Public Bank next door was under renovation and i had to drive all the way to town to bank in some money to a company's account. Yakked with my sis there and drove back to Pasir Puteh for lunch at Gourmet Square Curry Mee.

Then went to buy Hair Straightener. Stopped by the Grocery shop to buy bread as i wanted to make my kids Egg Mayo Sandwich for breakfast tomorrow. Picked up a few packets of instant noodles, Greentea teabags and tissue paper also.

Back home, left everything at the living hall and took the carpet out and draped it over the gate. The hot sun will sanitize it. Then went and mopped the floor and happy about it. My kids now spend a lot of time playing outside and i want their play area to be as clean as possible.

Now, it's about time i go pick them up liao. Sekian, terima kasih. BRB........

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