Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shall i buy one of these electric motor scooters?

We only drive around in a Proton Wira. With the recent hike in petrol price, we realised that we have to spend around 500 bucks just for petrol alone each month. I know that doesnt sound much to many of you. But the truth is, we hardly drive around much. Only to send both our kids to school nearby. By that, i mean the same housing area. Thereafter, have lunch somewhere nearby out place. Other than that, maybe the occasional trip to the mall during the weekends and such for groceries. We still have to take the kids out somewhere, right.

These days, I try to buy grocery items from nearby shops if possible. Their prices are way cheaper compared to shopping malls' supermarkets. The other day,, I saw some very nice Electric Motor Scooter online and suggested to hubby that it'll be a good idea to buy one back. That way, we can use it to scoot around the neighborhood and dont have to drive to the shops when we need to buy eggs or bread. These electric motor scooters comes in two colors and they are is chain driven to ensure a quiet pollution free ride. I can even pick Malcolm up from the daycare in that. What do you think? Not a bad idea huh.

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wisesim said...

Do you need a licence to ride this? What is the cost of this electric scooter?