Thursday, July 24, 2008

Samm's Homemade Greentea Ice-cream Recipe

Been busy since i woke up. After the usual morning routine of getting the kids ready for school, hubby and i went for lunch. Then came back and made a batch of homemade Greentea Ice-cream for my kids. They love to eat Greentea Ice-cream very much. As you know, i always take them to the tea gallery for Greentea Ice-cream each time we go to Parkson.

If you like Greentea ice-cream just as much as we do, then go check out my post on How To Make Greentea Ice-cream over at Organic Samm, my food blog. It's one of those rare blogs i dont write ads on, k. You can also share my Greentea Ice-cream recipe with friends if you like. And yes, i just ate some. My homemade Greentea Ice-cream is sinfully delicious!!!!! Try it!!!

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