Monday, July 28, 2008

Rainy season again

Brace yourself for weeks of non-stop rain. Nine God Festival is coming soon and it will rain almost everyday from now onwards. To me, this is the most depressing time of the year. Our area become heavily mosquito infested almost overnight. I told hubby we need to get a new electric mosquito zapper back. We do a have a few around the house, but the one at the second hall isnt that efficient at its job and its high time we get it replaced. If not, all the mosquitos will swarm their way into our bedroom whenever we enter or leave the bedroom.

Haih, if i have the money, i certainly wont want to live here. It take a lot of money and good planning to move to a plce of our own. I dont foresee this to happen anytime soon. The economy is not getting any better and i'd rather keep the money just in case anything happens. We cant be rational when it comes to buying a house at this moment. Any sudden announcement in interest rate hike will put unnecessary burden on our shoulders. Well, maybe one day, when i've made a lot of money and can go on holiday anytime i want

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