Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gotta be patient

The moment the kids are back, i have to bundle them into the room and lock the bedroom door these days. The house is full of mosquitoes. What happened was some creep stole all the metal sewage covers at the backyard recently. Since it's the rainy season again, mosquitoes breed 5 times faster, almost overnight!!!! We already live in a mosquito infested area, now it's worse. So, have no choice but to wait for the contractor to cover the holes up with concrete slabs. He's been over with wood planks to cover up the holes temporarily. If not, it'll be worse.

In a way, i dont mind staying inside the room with the kids. They are not allowed to play at the living hall anyway. My FIL says their happy voices disturbing him wor, wtf. He himself in a bad mood, take it out on us. See, that's why i say living here sucks. Same reason why Gordon cant take music lessons. Now you know why i want to move out, k. I just want to keep making more and more money so that i can go off on a holiday whenever i want. Each month, we'll go stay at some Valencia Hotels, Spain Hotels, Italy Hotels, and many more. Definitely better than staying here under other people's rule, cheh.

It's just too bad the economy is not getting any better now. If not, i'll just buy a house. Not now, gotta be patient for a little while longer. Wait till our finances are better before deciding the next course of action to take. Meanwhile, let me keep working harder and save more money. Then, can buy any house we want, and also go on holidays whenever we want to. If you are planning for a holiday this yearend, you may want to check the links out here. Good to plan ahead for the best deals. Save a lot that way.

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Raynebow said...

Patience pays...hope u get to have your own place soon...quite tough now eh?