Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling down

Some turn of events back home made me sit up and think long and hard of late. I've not been sleeping much these few nights. I'm beginning to have doubt and wonder if all that i'm doing is worth it after all. I really feel trapped in a situation which there's just no running away from at this moment. Again, for the umpteenth time, i'm forced to crouch and wait. But for how long this time. My patience is really running out. If simultaneous human combustion really does happen, i just might be the right candidate for that.

A chat with my girl friend didnt make me feel any better. Easy for her to say. Her life is so much different from mine. Each time she feels sad or about to breakdown, she'll take a holiday somewhere. This is not something that i can do at the drop of a hat, you know. In fact, she just got back from Dubai and told me how wonderful those Dubai Hotels are. She's already planning her next trip to some Mauritius Hotels and Egypt Hotels. Me, i'll just stay here and let my brains rot.

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