Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Do you want healthy shiny hair?

Time i go get a haircut. It's grown more than an inch since my last haircut way back in April. My hairdresser colored it with highlights for me and i can see the dark roots emerging again. As my hair is really short, it looks weird with the black showing up. My friends keep telling me grow it long again. They say it's more feminine. Easy for them to say as their hair texture is unlike mine. I have curly hair and have you any idea how difficult it is to maintain long curly tresses. All the shampooing, conditioning, treatment, drying and styling can take more than an hour.

With young kids around, hair is not something i want to spend time on. Not that i have the luxury of spending much time on my hair in the first place. That's why i had it all cut off last year. If you ask me if i regret my decision or not, i'd say i do at first. But not for long. Short hair is so comfortable and so easy to maintain. My hairdresser insists i use Moroccanoil Oil Treatment on it each week to maintain my hair condition. He says Moroccanoil has a very unique quality. It instantly absorbs into hair, creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving an oily residue. He knows i cannot stand oil on my hair at all. If you want healthy, shiny hair, then try using Moroccanoil on your hair.

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