Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cant hear you, Ma

Here's Gordon enjoying the latest Lego Indiana Jones on his PSP. His butter kaya toast hasnt arrived yet. He keeps putting the PSP to his ears trying to listen to the game sound effects. He cant play Lego Indiana Jones properly if he cant hear those sound effects. I have the Sony retractable headphones with me inside my Nike backpack. He's all smiles after i plugged it into the PSP, lol.

His blogger mom wanted to take a pic of him smiling at me with the headphones on. After i got my N82 into focus, i called out to him to turn to me for a celebrity shot. No action from him. Then it hit me. Gordon cant hear me with the Sony Headphones on, dohhhh. This is what i got. Anyone wants to join me for tea now? Am at Oldtown Kopitiam. My treat. Better hurry.

*updated at 1.03am: see.... post arrive now wor.... join hamik tea lah... siennn *

1 comment:

Lucy Liew said...

So cute, uniform got bowtie some more. Hehehe....