Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anyone using 018 here?

Now only i realize i have this 018 ad on my sidebar. It's for a new mobile company i assume. Of cos, i wont click on it to find out. I can always Google for more information on it if i want to but i'm far to busy to do so right now. If it offers high speed wireless broadband with good coverage where i live, then 018, you are in business. I'm dying to switch operators but havent found one that meets up with my demanding work.

I'm sick of all the internet providers already that claim to be the best in town but sucks half the time. No, ALL THE TIME. Cant even get stable 3g signals here, you say lousy or not. And i'm paying 99 bucks for it each month. Throwing away lots of good hard-earned money just so i can keep my make money online biz running. Anyone using 018 here? Got high speed wireless internet broadband or not?

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