Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wait for me, Rayban.... i'm coming

Is it blardy Blogger, or is it knnccb Screamyx. I've deleted every single cookie, cleaned every single disk for unnecessary files, formatted C drive, updates all adware and anti-virus, and scanned my pc inside out. But still, niamah, wtf is wrong with the loading part. Takes like a zillion years to load. Gmail is still as screwed as yesterday. Have to view it in that dunno wat basic HTML mode, yerrrrrrrrrr.

No online shopping for me tonight with the sucky lines. The Rayban will have to wait. Selling everywhere for rm600+. Rayban sunglasses are the hottest fashion items now. Amazon, hoh.... can get for USD89.95 jek. Deal mah, haimai. Go go go. Get these RAYBAN RB3186 RB-3186 004/71 SUNGLASSES whilst it lasts!!! Meanwhile, what can i do? Watch Uncle Joe's latest offerings lah. Forensic Heroes II worrr. Who's watching Forensic Heroes II now? I have 11 episodes only. Not so sien lorr.

Anyone else watching Forensic heroes II now? Not bad, hoh. In case you 8, the actresses in the drama series also wearing Rayban sunglasses lorr.

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