Monday, June 16, 2008

Stem cells from menstrual blood

When it comes to life saving medical advancement, one that i'm in favor of is stem cells technology. During Gordon's time five years back, i've not heard of stem cells technology until the month before his birth. That didnt give me enough time to find out more about how he can benefit from this. When my Obs asked me if i'd like to have Gordon's stem cells collected or not, i told him , "No". Well, what do you expect me to say on the operating table. Moreover, it's very costly then and i wasnt prepared for it.

I had Malcolm's stem cells collected when he was born. I already know what stem cells can do and it's better to do it than be sorry about it later on should we need it to save his life in the future. as finding a perfect match is not easy. My friend and i were discussing this earlier on when she told me what she found out the other day. There's this company called C'elle. They have this technology where they can harvest stem cells from womens' menstrual blood. Heard of it before?

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