Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day 2008

Father's Day came and went. We didnt do anything special today. Went to the hospital to visit my dad in the late afternoon, then proceeded to Parkson for an early dinner. I hate going to restaurants on special occasions like this. Everything is over-priced, and you can hardly get a nice table without booking in advance. Moreover, i dont really crowded places, especially when it comes to dining. Cant really stand the din.

This is the Father's Day card Gordon made at school. Beautiful, eh. I bought hubby something from Esprit on Saturday night. But nothing compared to this card that Gordon made for him. Soon, he'll be getting two when Malcolm starts kindy. Time flies. Malcolm will be turning two soon. I finally managed to upload the video of his Caesarean birth after two years, lol. It's whopping 400mb+ video. You'll get to view it next month, k.

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