Thursday, June 05, 2008

Grass, weeds or what?

This is my haul. I had to yank them off one by one. They are long and have roots along the entire length. Stuck to the ground all over the garden. We just got back from picking the kids up from school. He has the car keys and used that to dig up the watucallit. Hubby says if we dont pull them off, they'll kill the garden eventually. True or not? Garden can die wan meh. Ya kah. If die already, i get contractors back to dig a pool in it lah. Eh, no. I read the papers the other day and there are now those ready-made pools, hoh. Just dig a hole, install, can jorr. Or maybe do an elevated one Balinese style, lol. Fuyoh.... iLIKE!!!!

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Lucy Liew said...

Looks like couch (pronounced "kooch"). It's grass but very mafan type of grass. Grow into garden beds one. Very rampant here too. Good luck with it. Get someone to mow it.