Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cord blood - The gift of life

It's already the end of the month. Come next month, Malcolm will turn two. To be exact, my baby will be two years old in a week's time. I cannot believe that this lil' fler has been with us for nearly two years. He may be a little difficult to care for compared to Gordon. Nevertheless, he's brought us tremendous joy since the day i brought him back from the hospital. Awwww.... my cry baby is a big boy already.

I havent planned how to celebrate his second birthday yet. Most likely buy him a cake and take lots and lots of pictures at home. Or maybe take him to the park. Hubby asked me the other day if i have sent the check to the cord blood storage facility or not. I told him i have authorized them to charge the storage fees to my credit card annually. This way, i wont have to remember sending them a check each year.

The most important thing i have done for Malcolm is not buying him fancy items nor expensive toys. It's the gift of life. And why do i say that? On the day of his birth, i had his cord blood stored so that if one day, he needs it to save his life, he has an exact match and dont have to source from elsewhere. I didnt get to do it for Gordon when he was born due to lack of knowledge as to what cord blood is back then.

This post may be sponsored, but i really do hope for those who are planning for your baby to consider storing your baby's cord blood. Learn more about how this one act will safe your baby's life and why you should not miss this opportunity. Take the time to check out Family Cord Blood Services for more information on the importance of cord blood. If i can tun back the clock, my only wish is to have Gordon's cord blood stored.

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Marina said...

Thank you for referring to Family Cord Blood Services on your blog.

Currently, Family Cord Blood Services is undergoing a re-branding process, which includes changes to our name, look and logo.

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Description: Cord blood banking offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to care for your new baby and take advantage of potential future uses of stem cells. Banking your baby's cord blood stem cells is a potentially life saving gift for your child and your entire family. Stem cell transplants currently have the potential to treat over 70 diseases and are among the most promising medical treatments of the future. Leading medical researchers have demonstrated significant progress towards developing treatments for diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.