Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend relaxation

I was out at the foodcourt earlier. Gordon woke up and we were summoned back, sigh. He's pwnd my pc having fun at Sesame Street now. I'm too lazy to do anything. So, decided to dig out my box of organic face mask and pamper myself a bit. I still have another unopened box, lol. It's been a long while since i did a facial mask. It's a brand i swear by. Think i'd better be a good girl and do this twice a week to see good results. Great for cell rejuvenation and firming. 100% organic face mask. None of those nasty chemicals in it.

1 comment:

renet13 said...

huh, what a coincidence..i also posted on facial mask today. But i dont look so leng lui and peaceful like u lor. My mask looks more like Iron Man. Hey that movie is good lah. take your boys to see in TGV lah.