Thursday, May 01, 2008

Slogans for Custom T Shirts

I sent Gordon back to my mom's this afternoon. I'm glad to have him off my hands for one day. I can leave him there till night time if i want to, lol. Isnt life just bliss when one still has a mom around to pamper your little ones every once in a while. When i went to pick him up just now, my sister-in-law told me he had a dip in the pool in the evening and enjoyed himself very much. Good to hear that. The weather's so hot these days. I'm so gonna send him there each weekend from now onwards.

Hubby and i went to check out some houses at The Dales. Saw a corner bungalow priced at 1.18million, lol. It's actually the old showhouse. The developer wants to get rid of it lock, stock and barrel. With that kind of money, i might as well go buy a piece of land and build my own house. Or maybe just buy the duplex high up at their newly launched Skyhomes condominium so that i can overlook the rest of the properties there. Then, i can go get some Custom T Shirts printed with slogans that says, "Queen of my Blogs, King of the Hills", LOL!!!!

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