Saturday, May 24, 2008

Save money shopping during black friday

It's the weekend. School holiday has started. Hubby went out to buy breakfast back just now and told me he saw some kids playing at the garden at Malcolm's school. Since it's hubby who sends the kids to school, i told him to get up early on Saturdays to send both Gordon and Malcolm there for some outdoor fun. And when they come back in the afternoon, they'll both be too tired to do anything else. Much better than going to the malls.

It can be a rather costly affair to go to the malls all the time. Each trip costs me at least 200 bucks. We have to save up as prices keeps going up. They are both still so young, and giving them a good education is our priority. Not buying them toys and shopping for more clothes all the time. Talk about shopping, i think we wont be doing much of it till the end of the year. A friend told me she shops during black friday, the day right after Thanksgiving.

Last year, she saved more than 500 bucks just shopping during black friday alone. There are lots of offers there and she had a great time picking out gofts for her friends and family. Wow, isnt that good news? You may want to bookmark the link and shop there if you want to save some money off your Christmas shopping bill this year. Yes, i know it's a bit too early now. So, bookmark it first, ya.

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