Monday, May 26, 2008

New schedule for Gordon

I didnt realise it's already so late. Been out for the weekend. Starting tomorrow, i will have more time to myself during the week days. I'm sending Gordon to Malcolm's school for two weeks. I just hope the teachers there will be able to teach him something new and get him to write on his own. But i guess, half his time is spent playing there. Not that i mind. It's much better than having him home with me. I cant do much that way. I believe he'll be happier there. If he doesnt like it there, i'll have him home with me again.


Ydiana said...

Hi Samm

Just to find out, what does WaMu bank stands for?

Samm said...

ydiana - Washington Mutual bank

worldwindows said...

Is it legal stuff under US laws? Is it safe? Looks like there is no recourse when things unravel unless action is taken in the US. Testimonies link from clients other than that of US?