Friday, May 09, 2008

Been to Restoran Fai Kee before?

Haih, i dont think i'll get much "work" done till next Monday. This week's been a crazy one with an entirely new schedule. All this running up and down is stressing me out. I just got a new offer from a friend regarding a new venture. I'm always out to try new things. So, i agreed!!!

Anyway, i still gotta eat no matter what. So, after sending the kids to school, we went to Greentown's Fai Kee for lunch. It's the shop right opposite Prudential building. You wont miss it. It was featured in some program on NTV7 before. Specialising in seafood noodles.

I had Garoupa fish Bihun and requested they add milk to the soup. Wuahhhh... delicious tou sei. The sourish taste of the soup with ham-choi (salted vegetables) and tomatoes in it makes it even more appetising and i drank every single drop of the soup too, lol.

Hubby had Prawn Noodles with Chinese Wine soup. The brown mass is fried ginger. I had some food before i left the house. If not, i would have ordered a bowl of the same after my Fish Bihun, lol. I had two bowls the last time i went there. Which was not too long ago. Last week, to be exact. Yayaya, i'm on a mission to put on 10 pounds, cannot mehh.

Lunch was really great except for the knnccb sei8phor who sat right opposite us. Neh, the one in the maroon shirt lehh. Niamah, aitelyu.... she was yakking loudly from the moment we arrived till we left. I can hear her talk about her mom, her dad, her dog, her colleagues, her work, blah, blah, blah. Felt like walking over and tell her to stfu and let me eat in peace.

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