Saturday, March 15, 2008

Will vaginoplasty tighten my vagina after natural childbirth?

One of the greatest moment of my life was when i went to deliver my first baby. I wanted a natural birth at first, but due to CPD, i had to have him via C-sect. It's not a bad idea as many of my friends who had their babies vaginally somehow complain that their sexual life is never the same again. No amount of Kegel exercise will tighten their vagina like before childbirth. A few of them even went for vaginoplasty to tighten their vaginas after a few kids.

This is also the one of the reasons why i had my second baby via C-sect too. The other reason is i prefer a planned pregnancy than waiting and waiting and waiting like a moron for the waterbag to burst. My mother-in-law had six kid vaginally and she told me that her vagina also became looser with every childbirth. So, what do you expect me to think. She's never heard of Kegels nor vaginoplasty before. I dont think my mom has heard of vaginoplasty either.

Would you undergo vaginoplasty just so that you can satisfy your husband? Or would you get it done for selfish reasons. I'm sure all women would want a tight vagina, right. And so do all the men out there, dont lie. Though both my kids were born via C-sect, i must remember to do my Kegels all the time or else, i'm afraid i might need vaginoplasty one fine day. Hmmm, come to think of it, if i were to undergo vaginoplasty one day, i'm going to make sure hubby pays for it.


Jennifer said...

Dilemmas normally come up with regards to this topic. I see no adverse outcome if a woman undergoes vaginoplasty. What’s more important is to know what makes you comfortable, satisfied, and happy. And the more important factor to consider is your health. As long as it’s safe for you, then it’s absolutely fine. It also calls for responsibility in searching for the right institution and practitioner.

Jennifer West

smita sharma said...

A vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure. The purpose is to tighten the vagina by eliminating excess lining and tightening the soft tissues and muscles in the vaginal area.