Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gordon is registered for year 2010 STD 1

Both hubby and i woke up early on Monday morning at 9am. Gordon wakes up at around 11am and we left the house together with Malcolm. We've discussed for years where we want him to study. Both hubby and i are English educated and we only know a little bit of Mandarin. No matter how, we're still Chinese and i feel that both of us lacks that particular something that makes us truly Chinese. So, we've decided that both our boys will go to Chinese schools so that they get to learn an additional language. Arent they just lucky, lol.

We speak English with our two boys and i believe they will do fine with the English language. I have a strong feeling that Gordon also managed to pick up a few Tius and Niamahs along the way.... sigh. Anyway, we went to Sam Tet Primary School. We brought along photostated copies of both our ICs, Gordon's birth cert (both original and a photostated copy), and a copy of Tenaga bill (both Original and photostated too). We dont stay near the school and many claims that the nearer the address is to the school, the higher chance of him getting registered there. So, we borrowed out friend's utility bill as he lives right next door.

Now, coming back to choice of school. Sam Tet was never our choice before. We wanted him enrolled in Yuk Choy as it's a co-ed school and only has one session; morning. It was a couple of days before Monday that hubby kept saying that Yuk Choy's Secondary school is like a zillion mile away and decided to go for Sam Tet. Sam Tet has both Primary and Secondary school together right in the heart of the city, opposite Main Convent School (my school). The address we used for registration is right between both schools; walking distance to Sam Tet and a stone's throw away from Yuk Choy.

Sigh.... Secondary school for Gordon is like 8 years from now, and hubby is already thinking of Form 1. I dont know where we'll be by then also. Maybe migrated somewhere far away from Malaysia?? Only god knows, lol. We will only know end of next year which school Gordon goes to. It may not be Sam Tet, but some nearby kampung Chinese school. Who cares lah. I did my best.xMy sis used the same address when she registered her three girls and they all go to different schools, lol. Anyway, if you havent registered your kid who's born in year 2003 for 2010 Std 1, you have until end of March to get it done. It's also open to kids born in year 2002.

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Wendy said...

mayb that time u all will be staying near yuk choy secondary school...haha