Saturday, March 29, 2008


Taken on the way to Eastern Decorator. I had to buy new pillows and bolsters. The stuffings are coming out from the ends and so i thought it's time to dump them. I bought two Bamboo Charcoal Therapeutic Pillows and two cotton-filled bolsters. I wanted to get the lavender-filled one as i do find it difficult to fall asleep. But the Bamboo Charcoal Therapeutic Pillows offers more health benefits.

Oh, i shall not elaborate on this too much or else it'll take whole day. I just hope to get better sleep with the new pillow. So far, not bad. But then, i do take a bit of ginseng wine before i sleep these days on alternate nights. I've not been doing much these days except knit knit knit and knit. I tell you, i've never felt so good. I think i need to knit more than dream of Celebrity Sexy Teeth at night.

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