Saturday, February 23, 2008

More pics on the upcoming 12th General Election Malaysia 2008

The camwhore in me made hubby drive me round town and hunt for places to shoot pics of the upcoming 2008 Malaysia 12th General Election. Really nothing much happening wor. Not chikik geh. Not many posters nor contesting parties flags all over town also. All political parties budget to campaign kah. How come i dont hear politicians holding dinners to woo voters?

Here's the latest updates to the days leading to the Malaysia General Election day. Even the Bangunan UMNO Negeri Perak looks lame. With just a few miserable , flags stuck all over its lawn. Well, it's one of the most kancheong General Election Malaysia of all times. Even my FIL came to ask me where to register vote for the Malaysia general election.

Nah, nah , nah, see. So colorful, eh. What a nice pic of so many PAS and PKR flags all lined up and flying together along the bridge leading to the Ipoh airport. With the PKR, DAP and PAS field a candidate in all the seats. First time leh. Everyone's tongue is wagging about this at the coffeeshops. All experts, aitelyu. All full of opinion on who will win and who wont.

And here's the Bulatan Sultan Iskandar Shah. Aiya, the one near Tow Boo Keong Hall lah. No PAS nor PKR flags there. Only saw Barisan Nasional and DAP flag there. Hubby drove round and round and round the thing dunno how many time already so that i can get shots from different angles, lol. So, made up your mind which political party you are going to vote for in this 12th General Election Malaysia?

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L B said...

How come no LB posters or flags?