Thursday, January 17, 2008

What you need to know about early pregnancy

There are many concerns when one is in their EARLY PREGNANCY stages. Things like what is safe and what's not, diet for a healthy pregnancy, mood swings, and what kind of exercises are recommended are just a few to mention. I've been through pregnancy twice and i dare say that each pregnancy can be different. Like when i was pregnant with my first kid, i ate like a horse. With my second pregnancy, i had less appetite and ate less. I'm lucky i dont have any kind of aversion to foods. So, even though with not much appetite, i made sure i only took organic foods for optimal health.

Then there was pain all over the body, especially my back. And there's also pain at my pelvic area. I was diagnosed with CPD when i had my first kid and was advised by my Obs to had him via C-sect. With my second baby, i was told to try for natural birth as my baby's size is small. I opted for C-sect again as i preferred a planned birthplan. See, it's all different. As long as one maintains a good diet and stays optimistic day after day, pregnancy can indeed be a joyous occasion and experience for all moms-to-be. And if mom is happy, daddy will be happy too cos there'll be less complaints and whining from the wife, lol.

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