Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday with Gordon

Nice, eh. We came back from the foodcourt well past 1am and went to bed at nearly 3am. So, Gordon woke up soon after i did and asked me to turn on his Disney Vcd programs. Then requested for a snack. I gave the leftovers inside the Tupperware. Those were some Japanese biscuits i bought from Cold Storage yesterday. Expensive tou sei. Rm4+ for a miserable 70g, lol. But dont care, my kids like, iBuy!!! Definitely cheaper than my regular organic stuffs anyway.

All gone now except for some plain crackers with oats. Cos the kids at the foodcourt also whacked a lot of it. Those are Gordon's friends now. See.... my kid got friends noa. I happy tou sei.Gotta go get more but not going to Parkson today. Going to Jusco later on for more CNY shopping. I dont feel like rotting in front of my pc today. Wanna go gaigai almost everyday now. CNY mood gua. Dunno... maybe PMS leh....

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L B said...

Where got ppl with PMS wanna go gai gai wan?!! But it's good. It means more probability to see my beloved CCF here..