Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry.... wrong number

First of all, i wanna rant a bit regarding a longtime friend whose last contact with me was on the day Gordon was born. He came to visit me at the hospital in the hope that i will buy insurance from him for Gordon. Niamah.... fake like hell. It's more than four years now and he called up a few weeks back to ask me which "Samantha" i am cos he has a few Samantha registered in his phone wor, knnccb. Where got people go ask lidat wan. But i just told him which Samantha i am and said tata.

He called up again this morning requesting for a loan of 2.5k. Tiu lah, go concoct some story about his friend got emergency and would appreciate all the help wor. And will repay the loan next week wor. Get real, i wasnt born yesterday, wokay. Wanna borrow also come up with a better valid excuse lah. So what if he cant repay, I go hack him to 2008 pieces and feed him to the crocs issit. Of cos, i reject mah. I can smell it's a blatant lie lah. Talking to Samm here lah wei. Think what.

I can sense the urgency and desperation in his tone of voice when he spoke to me. So, i guess he must have called every Ahmad and Ah Beng in his phonebook to finally call me up. I dont care why he wants the money for. Maybe got burnt playing the stocks gua. Chinese New Year just around the corner lorrr... i sincerely wish him luck. But if he needs the money to cover some Ah Long's interest, then i think he really need tonnes of luck.


L B said...

So many Samanthas! LOL!! Where got any real man who can't even remember which one of the four Samanthas you are, the nerve to come asking to borrow 2.5K wan?!! But if me ask, would you lend?

Sweetpea said...

my sister taught me an idiom 'borrow money 'tin yat waan' (tomorrow pay back) ask the person to pay back 'chin yat waan' (thousands of day only pay back)

so very true.

Sasha said...

beh tahan...i hate this kinda ppl. Want help only find us...same case like my fren. Come to my house during my confinement , trap me cos i cannot go anywhere. One day sell filter. One day sell slimming bra. Wtf.. then reject reject no news edi. maybe la. one day she wanna sell something she will contact me again..