Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Relaxing and crochet at Oldtown Kopitiam

I'm not feeling too well these two days. Slowed down on blogging. Took Malcolm for his jab just now and came over to Oldtown Kopitiam for a drink. I actually wanted to go for a hairdo, but the salon's closed today, tiu. So, what to do. Wait here till it's time to go pick Gordon up lorr. My cream crochet bolero nice or not? Say nice. If you want to peek at my knitting and crochet projects progress, then head over to Fibre Art. Drop me some comments there and make me happy lah.


5xmom.com said...

I play chuzzle zen till siao ledi cos never ending fluffy balls.

L B said...

The bolero is very sexy.. but still waiting for chee cheong fun, canning garden..

I'm Choonie. said...

I like the crochet veli much. I did some long long time ago.. since Primary 3... can you believe it? It was a school task. Now, I almost forget how to make it.

Samm said...

5xmom - me, i Zuma, lol

lb - Not feeling too well to go eat CCF lorrr. You like my crochet bolero kah.

i'm choonie - Me also really slow with crochet wann. But can knit lightning fast.