Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The night that was

I was not feeling too well yesterday. What i dread now is that "i" have homework to do everyday for the next dunno how many school days of Gordon's kindy life. I only remembered about his homework when it's around 11pm and as i was searching high and low for his pencilcase which he placed dunno where, the electrical power went poof and the whole neighborhood disappeared into the dead of the night.

I didnt give up and continued searching with the dim light from the portable booklight i use for knitting in the dark like in the car at night for example, and found it right beneath the floor mattress. Then, my loukung cannot stand the stifling heat of the room and dragged us out to the foodcourt. It then rained dog shit and we were stuck there till 1am+.

The irony of it all was that the electrical power came back just as we were about to leave and to tell you the truth, i really regretted going out as i'm still not feeling well now, and my kid is still sleeping, and i still have homework to do when he wakes up. Damn, motherhood sucks when you are not feeling well and yet have to do so much.

Another thing i didnt mention was that Malcolm ran a fever after his DTP jab and was whining all night long. This is just one of those days that i wish i can check myself into the 5-star hospital and camp there for 5 days. I have a feeling that i'm going to drop dead one of these days without warning.

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