Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My aunt is buying a new car for her daughter

My aunt told me that she's thinking of buying a used car for her daughter. She's just passed her driving license and needs a car to go to work. How lucky. When i passed mine, i had to slave for years before i saved up enough for the downpayment. I was out car hunting last month too and has been going round the neighborhood searching high and low for one that fits my budget. It's really not easy to find one, you know. And to date, i still havent found one that is suitable for me.

I told my aunt to try looking for one at BuyYourCar. She can check out their Used Cars section and she'll be amazed at what is available there at the site. I told her that there is an enormous selection of used cars offered at the best prices by both private sellers and also used car dealerships. She can save both time and money there. She can easily search for one by entering a few details like color, make or model into their search area. She really dont have to drive a round like what i did to get a used car. Too bad we dont have this kind of service here where i live. If not, i'll be driving around in a new car by now.

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