Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I dont want baseball bats

My brother-in-law brought a few Baseball Bats over to my place and told me that i can have them. He says my kid may want to take up the sport when he goes to Primary school and those Baseball Bats will sure come in handy. Both my brother-in-law and my nephew are baseball players and my nephew even represents his school in inter-school competitions. He's very good Baseball payer and has helped his team win a few trophies too.

Too bad, no one plays Baseball here and my kid is not even 5 years old yet, lol. He might as well donate them to some orphanage. I dont know if my kid is interested in taking up Baseball next time. And even of he does, i sure dont want to keep those Baseball Bats at my place now. I bet i'll start hearing broken glass everywhere around the house. You know kids, they dont know what to do with those bats and they might just fool around with them. I dare not think what will happen of he swings it at Malcolm.

But if my kid does take up baseball one day, i can always buy him new baseball bats from online stores like kidsportsinc.com. They sell very good quality Baseball bats. If your kid plays baseball, you may want to get him one from the store too.

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