Wednesday, January 02, 2008

CSL's personal friend is an Engineer

All over the Malaysian blogosphere, i read post after post about that CSL sex scandal. Too bad, no video surfaced so far on Youtube. But i did see some pictures like those shown on TV during news. Nehhhh... those with the cameras pointing at the bed lehhh. All black and white pics only. Wuah, that old fler sure can "action" hoh. 50 over minutes wor. With laptop on the mattress too. Must be watching some really steamy movies whilst at it. Maybe old already, need some kinda stimulation to get it up. Or maybe Pay Per View? I bet you that personal friend is an Engineer by profession. She must be the kind that specializes in demolishing temporary erections.


mahagurusia said...

"See-through, sexy, shimmery, stunning, sensational..... speechless..." ;-P

Yeah yeah I know, long time no hear. Anyway Happy new year Sam and to your family. The kids are looking more and more like you :)


Simon said...

or maybe they were watching the cctv feed of themselves! how weird would that have been?!!