Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back and out again soon

As predicted earlier, there was a huge downpour. And i was lucky cos it started just as i arrived home. Gotta run into the house with Malcolm in one hand, and shopping bags in another. Ditto hubby, lol. I was out since 2pm i think and only reached home at about 9pm. The kids napped for almost two hours at the Tea Gallery. I dont have the heart to wake them up so i sat there and knitted away as i surfed on my lappie. Hubby went to Popular to hunt for the ultimate car to buy....... DOHHHHHHHHHH. In other words, read free car mags lah. No need to buy, i dont have to throw also. I'm charging the lappie's battery now. Once it's full, we'll take the kids out with us to the foodcourt. The N73, O2 Zinc, PSP and Sony T100 all fully charged, lol. Left this only.

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