Monday, December 10, 2007

Will be subscribing to Astro again soon

I think i've nearly amassed enough reward points to redeem a Sony Micro DVD Hifi from one of my credit cards. It's been a long time since i've listened to music properly, lol. I only listen to music on my Nokia N73. It has a great speaker and it's volume is also loud enough to reach three houses. I use it to play music for my kids when they go to bed and to mask the noise i make on my keyboard when i work at night.

The brochure stated 145,000 points. My last statement recorded 128,000 points. Only 17,000 points needed. Yes,, that translates to only Rm17k need to be swiped through that card to get the Sony Micro DVD Hifi. It's not an expensive item to buy. Costs maybe around Rm500 or so i guess. But it's the thrill of redeeming something that requires so many points at one go.

Once i get my Hifi, i'll bring the Astro decoder down from the attic and subscribe to Direct Satellite TV again. I only watch Astro during Chinese New Year. It's actually for my MIL. They'll be visitors and relatives popping by for days on end and most of them cant really live without Astro. Having it on a 50" Plasma TV at the living hall will really shut them up for good too.

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