Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who's into sports betting?

My brother-in-law was complaining that it's really boring to sit home all day long doing nothing. He's on medical leave for a few weeks. Had angioplasty surgery last week and recuperating now. He's bored cos he cant even walk upstairs to his room. His computer is inside his bedroom and he wants to play some online poker and also do some sport betting. He asked to borrow my laptop and i brought it over to him last night.

His kids were around and they helped me keep an eye on mine whilst i helped him set up the wifi connection. I hardly use my laptop these days as i just set up second pc at home at another room. If Gordon wants to play with mine, i'll just work from the other, lol. Only hubby uses the laptop, which is hardly the case too. At least it's put to good use now. Hope my brother-in-law has fun with it and dont complain so much now.

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