Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Project 2 is even better than i anticipated

Gone are the days of frenzied blogging. There was a time when i fret over too much to write and too little time to deliver. Then, with the Google smackdown, i whine over how much i wont be able to make. I shouldnt be cos i've made a lot over the course of 12 months. No, i did not lose anything except PR, oh wtf. Not that important now afterall, lol.

Now that my Project 2 has taken off, i find myself agonizing whenever i see opps rotting on my list and i dont feel like typing at all. I hate it when i cant concentrate and my mind keeps thinking of those blardy datelines. I hate it when i have to log in and out of my many accounts. I hate it when advertisers cancel their opps before it's due. Blek....

So, what's new lately. I've got a TAG!!!. I feel loved, awwwwww. Thanks, LB. Will get right down to delivering it soon, yeah... before the snow melts in Italy. Too bad no snow here, cant even find those frost inside my brand new fridge.... sigh. So, you'd better not complain of not getting enough snow, k. There'll be a day when i fly over to spend Christmas over at your place, lol.

Soon, it'll be 2008, with yet another important festive celebration. A time when the mahjong tables, decks and decks of playing cards and gambling chips are bought. FIL's checking out the Top Gambling Websites List to practice at. He wants to win next year, lol. I wish him luck. My BIL is still the pro when it comes to this department. Wanna come join us?

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