Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Moving Fibre Art to its own domain

I've come to a conclusion that i dont really like school holidays. I've not been able to do much for the past six weeks with Gordon home all day. Malcolm is getting more and more demanding by the day. One more week.... just one more week and Gordon goes to school again. And i get to have more Me Me Me time..... hopefully. Lots of rescheduling to do and i want to get my priorities right. Be selfish for once.

I miss my 4 hours. Come next year, i'm going to spend more time on my hobby, i really need to regain my sanity. It's been madness, stress, and i'm dead tired. Too bad Malcolm cant go to school yet...sigh. I want to spend at least two days a week at the yarn store. I want to learn new things and experiment with more yarn. They've got so many new yarn and i've not been able to get my hands on any of them.

I also want to move Fibre Art, my knitting blog to its own domain. I hate the fact that it's tied to my parenting blog and lost it's PR. It's my pet blog and i want it to stand on its own now. Going all out to work on that blog next year. That's only part of what i want to do for the time being. Lots more in store. And yes:



L B said...

Happy Fibre Art, and Merry Christmas, my dearest Samm..

laundryamah said...

merry christmas & happy new year!!!

renet13 said...

Sing Tan Fi Lock and Merry christmas everyone. Don't worry school will start soon and u can have more time for yourself. As I work outstation, finding quality time to be with my kids is something I always look forward to do. I agree with you when having long holidays for them means less time for ourselves.

Cocka Doodle said...

Merry berry christmas & a fai lork new year!!

mistipurple said...

Merry Christmas!! to a great 2008 also!