Friday, December 21, 2007

I want to be Incredimum

Of all the VCD in Gordon's collection, he wants to watch The Incredibles. How i want to be Incredimum now. Aiyo... the place is a MESSSSSS!!! Farking noisy and i just wish she'll just take her kids and leave. I was telling hubby i want to buy the Nintendo Wii and have it installed at the living hall since the TV out there is only collecting dust. No one sits there. We're all holed up inside the bedrooms all day long in this house.

Yes, we're really weird people. I cant help it cos i gotta work mah, haimai. But the thought of them coming over all the time also make me want to think twice about the Wii. I bet you no one will claim responsibility when that thing breaks. No, not the first time. It's just my nature to close an eye to them breaking it and their mom's also thick face like hell. No, hoh. No apology wann. And my MIL will sure side them and say i dont keep the toys. Tiu lah, my kids play with them wan mah. Sure all over the place lah. I only keep them at night. And i dont find it logical to stop playing and keep it safe from harm when they come over. Like so siu-kah lidat.

See, how mah fan it is to have lots of IBS... ish. Ya ya ya.... you people long time no hear me rant about my IBS jor, haimai. Oh.... plenty to come. Christmas Entertainment Special starting now, okay. Stay tuned to MyOrganicLife for more updates, lol.

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