Sunday, December 02, 2007

I hope it's gonna be a glorious Sunday

My days are really getting shorter and shorter. I'm waking up later and later. To day, i woke up at 1pm. And by the time i got the kids and myself to change and eat, it's already 3pm. I then went and bake a brownie. You can go and read How Samm bake brownies if you like. Oh please, go read it. Went to the organic store and then to the computer games store to get Caesar IV cos hubby was complaining Uncle Joe's taking far too long to deliver his stuff. Stopped by a coffeeshop for dinner.

I had Prawn Noodles................

and hubby had Mee Jawa. Gordon had Wantan Meen but i forgot to snap a pic of that until he's walloped half of it. It was the first to arrive and he was famished. Malcolm was sleepy and daydreamed in the highchair. At least he's not whining and let us finish our meal in peace.

It was already about to get dark by the time we reach home. I cut up the brownie and it was very "laku". Almost all gone now except for the slightly burnt side. Hubby insisted i install his new game for him and i had to bow to Caesar, niamah. Drag, drag, drag, before i knnow it, it's already 11pm and i had to get the kids to bed.

Gordon now likes to play in the dark unlike last time when he'll sleep when i turn the damn lights off. You wouldnt want to listen to the cane and scream story, hoh. So, in all, my whole day and half the night wasted and i still need to dish out more than 20 posts now. Diu, go make my day and comment on how good my brownie is.

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L B said...

aiyoh your brownie so far away... no petrol to go lah... will just take your word for it that they're absolutely smashin'... but the Prawn Noodles, hor.... Dang!