Friday, December 28, 2007

Fibre Art is up and running

Ok, folks. Fibre Art is up and running. Do take the time to browse through the site. I've transfered all the posts from my old knitting blog to this new domain. I'm knitting like a freak now as most of my projects are for Chinese New Year. If i can breeze through them all, i may go get more and more yarn. New stock is arriving next month and it's only days away. As usual, the yarn store will call me up. I've pre-ordered all their new knitting books too, lol.

Fibre Art will be updated very frequently. As fast as my hands can knit. Do bookmark the site and share it amongst your readers who are hobbyists. If you cannot find the time to check the blog out for new contents, then subscribe to my feed. As for mumsgather question regarding how i find time to knit, i knit whenever possible. When nursing, inside the toilet, between updating my blogs, whilst feeding my kids, lol. If there's a will, there is a way.

I hope those who've not knitted before will find my blog an inspiration to start a hobby next year. And yes, apart from knitting and crochet, i do a whole lot of handcraft too. But those, i will leave till i have more time on hand to explore. So, dont forget to bookmark Fibre Art and drop a comment or two, ya. Have fun.

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L B said...

ok, will go check it out, ya?