Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you know that you can personalize Google?

There was a time when Yahoo ruled the internet. I had Yahoo as my homepage, and i even used their email address. But that was so long ago, and i've since switched to Google. I now use Gmail and have endless blogspot blogs, lol. I practically subscribe to Google for everything else and try out every single application that they come out with. Many of my friends have also switched to Google and they are also using Google as their homepage. Do you? I used to do that too until i had my very first blog. Yes, you are reading it now. This is my first blog, lol. I now use my blog as my homepage, of cos. Which blogger doesnt. All my blogger friends also use their blogs as their homepage.

The other day, a close friend told me that i can Personalize Google with my favorite images. You know how plain the Google homepage can be, right. I can almost term it as downright boring. She says i can personalize it any way that i want to. And yes, i can also select from their many designs too if i'm too lazy to my own. If you aree still using Google as your homepage and find it plain boring, you may want to try to personalize Google by clicking on the link i provided here, ya. Have fun!!!

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