Friday, November 30, 2007

You all wanna play Myspace Quizzes or not?

It's blogger's bock day for me again. I've been writing and writing for over a year that i've finally come to a point that i've run out of ideas to write even a decent post. You know, once you stop writing, they brain juice stops flowing. Unlike those days when you just sit at the computer table and crap all day and all night long. It's no mean feat and i can write as many as 100 posts a day across all my blogs in any given day. And i'm left here staring blankly at my screen hoping that an idea will jump into my head.

What's there to do next. I cant just leave my blogs empty for days on end, right. I was on MSN earlier with a blog buddy of mine and she suggest i try adding some engaging Myspace Quizzes to my posts. One, i dont have to come up with a topic as there are so many different quizzes for me to select from. Two, my readers will have something new and refreshing. Everybody likes quizzes anyway. So, how about that. You all want to do some quizzes or not. I go put one up everyday for all of you to play with.

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