Friday, November 02, 2007

Time to buy new clothes for my kids

I went back to my mom's the other day and she showed me a box of really old clothes. Those were Kids Pajamas to be exact. I thought she has so much free time to sew again. She used to sew my clothes when i was little. Too bad i dont know how to sew, if not, i would be sewing lots of clothes for my kids apart from knitting. Sewing is way faster than knitting, k. But if my mom were to teach me how to sew, i really dont mind learning. Anyone knows how to sew here? Is it a difficult craft to learn?

She told me those were MY clothes when i was a kid. MY pajamas, and they are really cute. Too bad they are too girlish for Malcolm, if not, he can wear them. Come to think of it, i've not bought pajamas for my kids for a long time. Gordon's growing out of his and Malcolm is still wearing hand-me-downs. Most of those clothes were given to me by my sis and some close friends. I only kept the good one and gave away those that's faded. It's time i do some serious shopping for my kids. Gordon needs new shoes too as his feet grows so fast.

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