Friday, November 02, 2007

Someone broke hubby's sunglass

A relative dropped by the other day with their kids. I wasnt home when they came and by the time i arrived back home, i saw hubby's favorite pair of Sunglasses in pieces on the floor. I hate it when relatives drop by unannounced and never keep an eye on their kids when they are over. When they saw my face, they quickly pretended that they will pay for it and asked me where i bought it from. I told them it's a limited edition and that it cannot be replaced. I wanted to make them feel bad for not keeping an eye on their kids when they are over as this is not the first time they broke my things.

I'll have to get another pair for hubby from the cupboard or he wont be able to wear it when he drives.Those are actually Discount Sunglasses which i bought in bulk from a friend. He sells Wholesale Discount Sunglasses at the mall and i found them very fashionable too. From what i heard, it's also a very profitable business. If you are interested in making some money, you may want to check out those links provided her for information on how to buy them.

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