Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scratch scratch scratch.... now where's that itch!!!

I put my kids to bed around 11pm or so these days. It's the school holidays for fug sake and i dont have to scramble out of bed to get Gordon ready for school latest by 12.30pm. But half the time he's late as hubby always gotta shit when it's time to send him to school and he'll most likely reach there at 1pm. Not my fault, okay. I swear.

So, just now, Gordon woke up and asked me to scratch his back. And scratch his back i did. And i scratched and i scratched and i scratched. Niamah.... never seem to end. I thought there's a bug bite or something that i can feel, but nothing wor. Got out of bed and turned the freaking lights on to check his back. Also nothing wor. Got tulan, tied his hair up loosely and sent him back to bed. He stopped whining. And i'm all awake and sitting here again. Damn... cant i just sleep early for once.

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